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I have been wanting to migrate my blog (PowershellDistrict) to github pages since ages. I never really found the time to fully commit myself to it. Since I used a special Wordpress plugin, it made the migration task daunting.

That is why I took the decision to leave everything as it is, and start this github pages.

I am not saying I will never migrate my blog to github pages, but I really want to continue to blog, and writing markdown is more convenient than messing with the WP plugins etc..

So you can expect the usal here, lot of technical content. I have recently discovered a passion for Object Oriented Programming, and I want to explore that path more. You can still expect a lot of powershell related content. But, I want to explore other aspects of computer sience and start to address general developement topics, and also web developement. (HTML / Javascript / CSS )

Since I wrote PSHTML I have the impression I manage to open a window on new oportunities for Powershell scripters: An easy access to webdev, where the transition from infrastructure automation related technologies, to the web technology stack is just one bridge to cross. And that bridge can be crossed very easily using powershell, via PSHTML (At least, to me)

While PSTHML generates the HTML structure, there are two other important technologies that are really tightly coupled to web dev: CSS & Javascript. I plan to write a lot more abstractions in PSHTML to simplify the usage for Infrastructure automaters, but the road is long, and I know I have a steep learning curve, which I intend to share with you here.

Coding in C# and / or Java

Another area I woud like to explore is more on lower level languages, such as Java and especially C#. I have delivered C# projects in past, but now that powershell brought me all these new OOP concepts, I think developing in one of these languages would be something funnier.

my ‘idea’ is to try to do contributions on an open source projects on these particuliar languages. It would be important for me to find a project where maintainers are ready not only to accept PR’s but also to teach / suggest what has to be done better / changed.

That is also something I am trying to do my self, on my own open source projects actually.

That mind set is important to me, as it allows one to progress, and the project contributions will get richer, and would allow quicker merge whislt there is less modifications to ask.

And seriously, it is more fun for on open source project contributor to learn something in the process too ;)


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