100 days of code challenge

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If you follow me on twitter you problaby noticed I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I also decided that I will stream my learning progress,as I noticed that learning together, is actually more fun than completley isolated and alone.

All my streams are uploaded to youtube so that they are accessible after the 15 days of retention that twitch offers by default.

It is is not like I write code rareley, pretty much the opposite actually. But I write code rarerly in another language than Powershell. I wanted to take the #100daysofCode challenge as an opportunity (excuse?) to push my self a bit out of my comfort zone, and push to me learn / practice new/other languages.

Languages I want to explore

There are 3 languages that are on my radar (outside of powershell), for which I feel ‘some kind of attraction’.

  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Go


My language of choice is Powershell. I actually solve all the problemes I face in my professional life using powershell. Powershell is based on dotnet, and the difference between Csharp and Powershell is really really thin. (Especially if you master classes in powershell). Therefor I am naturally attracted to Csharp.


With learning javascript, I am mainly interested in a two other languages based on Javascript:

  • Node.Js
  • TypeScript

Since I started learning Javascript a few years back on FreeCodeCamp, I thought it would be a good idea to simply continue where I left, so I could build on previously invested efforts.

Unfortunatley, my whole javascript curriculm was ‘lost’ due to an internal migration at FreeCodeCamp - thus I needed to start the FreeCodeCamp javascript Basics course from scratch again.

Looking back at it, (re)starting from scratch it was not such a bad thing actually for the following two main reasons:

  • It was a nice refresher for some of the learning points which I forgot since I don’t use the language that often.
  • Since I decided to stream the learning process, and make the recording available on youtube afterwards, having to start from scratch allowed me to start the recordings really from challenge n°1.


Go (or often reference as #GoLang) is one of these other languages where I have some keen interest for (don’t ask me why - perhaps of their funny mascot perhaps? ;).

More realistically because the language is cross platform by nature and can be compiled for any operating system. It can than run on that system without an additionaly installation which is awesome!


Of course, I cannot go on and not continue to work with #powershell. I have been working with the language since almost 10 years, and I feel I would be letting a lot of people down if I would simply switch to other langues, and complelty ignore powershell. Especially, there is stilla lot I would like to learn, such as building Binary modules for instance.

I am of course also planning to simply stream things I do naturally since years with powershell such as building modules. I started building a new module called hatvp and streamed the process designing / architecturing it (In french) for example. I also intend to stream adding features on existing ones (Such as on PSHTML or PsClassUtils for example.

It is not all about learning from scratch all the time

That beeing said, the 100daysofCode challenge, is not limited to learning new things only. Implementing and building projects is something I consider also as learning , and it is to me the best way to solidify freshly learned theoratical knowledge.

I want this process to be as open as possible, and invit you to submit an request if you would like to see anything in particular appear on the stream.

Help me grow

A final note on ‘growing’.

People generally don’t know it, but platoforms like Twitch and youtube have some limits in place which are removed when we reach a first amount of 50 followers. Therefor, I would be really greatfull if you could follow me on my channels:

Thanks you loads for this, this really helps me build better streams in the future.

Thanks you all for your support and encouragements, it means a super lot to me!